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Caitlin and Lauren Zoltick are happy queer adults (lesbians in their 30s to be specific), and in a world with not nearly enough stories about happy queer adults, they want to start sharing more of them. Navigating adulthood is hard no matter who you are, but there is an added layer of complexity if you are a member of a marginalized or underrepresented group. This podcast will explore the nuance, challenges, and often beautiful weirdness of navigating adult stages and steps as LGBTQIA+ people, and share insights and tips from experts and queer folks who have been through them. Ultimately, these shared experiences bring our community closer together, and Lauren and Caitlin want to celebrate that and explore where our queer friends and experts found acceptance, love, support, and themselves in the queer community. 


The Hosts

Lauren (She/Her)

Wife to Caitlin. Dog mom to Matzah Ball. Soon to be actual mom. Cancer survivor. Marketing director. SXSW speaker. Pub Trivia host. Likely has a google map of restaurants you should go to wherever you’re travelling next. 


Caitlin (She/Her)

Wife to Lauren. Dog mom to Matzah Ball. Soon to be actual mom. Public Defender for 7 years. Contract and privacy attorney. Reeses connoisseur. Has more sunglasses than you. 

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